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Energy-healing Therapy

Energy, either physical or mental, is the very life blood of an individual. It has been observed that a physically and mentally energetic person surpasses all kinds of difficulties easily, and excels in life. All energy-healing techniques and therapies are aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, and providing physical, as well as mental relaxation. They not only provide relief from… Read more »

Ways to Save Money on Prescription Medications

Due to the incessant rise of prices of all the ‘essential-for-survival’ goods, saving money has become the need of the hour. Frugal behavior is no longer treated as cheesy, in fact, it has become a new trend that everybody loves to follow. Speaking in terms of market behavior, tradesmen are becoming smarter at their trade by playing the same game… Read more »

Everyday Fashion That Can Damage Your Health

“A heavy bag may cause the shoulder and upper back to bend forward, possibly increasing stress to the neck and lower back. If carrying a heavy bag regularly is unavoidable, switch shoulders periodically, to more evenly distribute the stress.” ― Dr. David Geier, Orthopedic Surgeon and Director of Sports Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Being trendy… Read more »