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Difference Between Strattera and Adderall

Strattera and Adderall are prescription medication that help to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). These medications can play a crucial role in managing ADHD, ensuring that that the psychiatric disorder has minimal impact on everyday life. Treatment with these drugs can help reduce hyperactivity and increase focus in ADHD patients. While these drugs have received approval to treat the… Read more »

What is the Difference Between Prilosec and Zantac?

Prilosec and Zantac are commonly prescribed to minimize production of stomach acids, which helps to relieve symptoms of some common digestion problems such as GERD, acid reflux, and stomach ulcers. Inhibiting secretion of stomach acids prevents regurgitation, common among GERD patients, as well as reduces abdominal pain associated with ulcer formation. Although both drugs reduce stomach acidity and promote alkaline… Read more »